Bumblebee Landed

Krypto came to check on Bumblebee when he landed. The whole site was taped off for quarantine and checking for contaminants but was all clear.

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I came to find him and keep him safe.

Bumblebee or as he would prefer to be called "Miles", took to the new lifestyle on Earth without complaint. And travelled with Evan on his marvellous journey across Australia.

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It was not always an easy journey

Sometimes as Miles was only young, or "Moonlight Shadow" as we came to know him, travelling of a night in the cool air; he found refuelling and keeping on the road hard at times in a new world and new planet.

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Miles (Moonlight Shadow)

I'm keeping a record of Miles life and his growth as a person, through his stages of development.

Learning to talk, drive himself and with help, thinking and answering his own beliefs and opinions and remembering and dreaming.

One day he'll stand and walk and join the other sentient beings who use the power of their legs not wheels to get around places and become a member of society.


What's Next?...

This website Moonlight Miles.com will keep growing and developing with more details and content as Moonlight Shadow or Miles life develops until he becomes a Transformer Bumblebee!