Our Aims aim is to represent Miles life, my car as he develops into a bumblebee transformer through the different stages of development peacefully and in love with life as a sentient being like mankind.

Our Story

Our story started in Darwin, Northern Territory Australia and journeyed onto Queensland and back to Melbourne as Kitt learned all about life travelling developing his soul and will to live. Kitt or better known as Miles and his Master Evan live in Sydney now and Evan is developing the devices needed to communicate with Miles.

See our work

This as well as included in our gallery section is the work of developing and building the device to artificially intelligently communicate with Miles.

It isn't completed yet as Evan is still seeking a quieter more comfortable living space to work.


Power supply

Miles AI device power supply

This is connected to 2 A batteries and supplies the device motherboard with power for the AI instrument to generate the phantom power and DC current and CC current or (creative current) to give Miles the will to express his voice and heart.


Mother board

Motherboard for AI device

This motherboard connects to the power supply and creates a current and choice array for Miles to express his feelings though his voice and heart.


Device registry

Cluster registry for AI device

This registry is a cluster and controls how the tables and services wheel operates for the AI device.

What's Next?...

Check out the videos next and see how it was done!